We are a small but mighty team of dedicated professionals committed to expanding the breadth and depth of our reach in the Canadian market. We know the success of our business is not based on the brands we represent rather the People we employ to represent these brands. Our People share a passion for the industry and a commitment to hard work; striving to get it right So Our Clients Can Put Their Best Self Forward.

Head Office Team

Adele Duncan
Area Manager, Western Region

You can find me out on the rainy West coast. If it’s sunny? I’ll be on a Vancouver patio with family and friends enjoying some of my favourite things.

Favourite things? Wine & Food! I also adore animals, fitness & fashion mags … I’ll bet I can name every supermodel since the 70’s! Absolutely LOVE my YE 4 Plus Dynamic Duo and Avance Elixir, with a sprinkle in of Forlle’d’s Refining Lotion!

I’m most proud of my strong and LONG relationships with my husband (XXX years…), family and friends. Most of my friends have been with me since early childhood.

I am super fond of sharing that I’ve jumped from an airplane, bungee jumped & swam with stingrays!

David J. Potter

Oh boy! I was baptized in Canada but South Africa is my ancestral hunting ground. My favourite artist of all time is Bruce Springsteen and my go-to breakfast-in-a-hurry is a Dad’s Special Sandwich that involves bread, sharp cheddar cheese and a good strawberry jam. I’m an Impact player addicted to Youth EssentiA Cquence 4+.

Erika Bunag
Specialist, Marketing

I’m Erika – with a K. Professional nomad and textbook third culture kid. Canada is the 4th country I’ve called home! Definitely one of the shortest people you know. You can find me singing along to any Disney movie, re-reading the Harry Potter series, or watching FRIENDS for the billionth time. Obsessed with musical theatre, saltwater beaches, good writing, and my puppy.

Kanesha Graham
Bilingual Business Success Coach/Coach en succès des affaires

Blessed and grateful for my family. Curly hair enthusiast, lover of moscato, R&B music, fashion, traveling and horror movies. I am bilingual in English and French but I have always wanted to learn how to speak Spanish and Japanese (probably due to my young obsession with anime). Passionate about skin health and self-improvement!

Samira Rahman
Head, Finance and Operations
Living in Toronto, a Bangladeshi at heart. Fueled by raffaellos and a very good book. A long-distance daughter of two wonderful parents and an avid admirer of kind people. Lover of Maths, Petrichor, Sushi, the FRIENDS tv show and my husband, not necessarily in that order. Believer of The Almighty and incessant self-development, always proactive, can be found super invested in a thriller. Giggling at my own jokes but very passionate about my goals. Okay Bye! …Hey wait, I almost forgot, I am Daddy’s little girl.
Michelle Cooper
Director, Clinic Partners

I love historical documentaries, politics, Game of Thrones, ice cream and cupcakes. Trying to play golf and aspiring to work out more often are my hobbies. I have a large collection of Barbie dolls. When I am not thinking about skincare, I devote my time to my family.

My daily skincare regime: I am all about anti-ageing and love under eye cream. I currently use Youth EssentiA 4 and Defence cream after I cleanse and tone. I use my cosmetic roller a couple of times a week. I use the Forlléd platinum eye cream and occasionally the Forlléd Reliance gel for a boost.

Past Experiences: Holt Renfrew, Financial Services, Barbie dolls.

Mireille Girard
Intern, Events & Community Building

My name is Mireille but everyone calls me M! I grew up in Cornwall Ontario and moved to Toronto in 2016. I started my own business when I was 15. I have experience in Event Management and Graphic Design. I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan you will ever meet. Fun fact: I was chosen out of 18,000 people to meet her backstage. Going out and trying new “instagrammable” foods around the city is my favourite thing to do during my free time. I love ice cream, makeup, music, and anything pink with sparkles!

Mireille Photo
Stephanie Potter
Head, People & Culture

I LOVE my FAMILY, Mindful Moments, Morning Yoga with Adriene, Family Dinners by Candlelight, Bike Rides, Nature Walks – Actually Anything in Nature, Everyday Beauty, Everyday Acts of Kindness, Strong Coffee (just a cup), Fine Wine (preferably Red) Genuine People and Authentic, Enduring Friendships.

PAST EXPERIENCE: Human Resources | Leadership Coach | Stay-at-Home Mom

EDUCATION: Psychology | University of Western | Ontario


Training Team

Michelle Cooper
Skin Coach, Director of Clinic Partners
Markets Available: Canada Wide

Michelle has over 20 years of business, sales and customer service experience in the fashion, finance and skin care industries. As our Director of Clinic Partners, Michelle supports the growth of our clinic partners with her keen knowledge and business acumen.  As an active user of Environ and Forlle’d, she understands the products in-depth and is able to answer any questions and concerns.



Adele Duncan
Skin Coach, Area Manager – Western Region
Markets Available: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Adele started her journey in medical aesthetics in 2003. She is a Blanche MacDonald aesthetician and makeup artist graduate. She then practiced as a medical aesthetician for 9 years.  She is a very skilled and knowledgeable trainer with a deep understanding of skin science and health. Adele has hands-on experience to ensure your clinic and team feel confident to address the skin concerns of any client.  She has been with SkinHealth Canada for over five years and continues to provide excellent service to all her clinic partners.

Kanesha Graham
Skin Coach, Bilingual Business Success Coach
Markets Available: Canada Wide – Virtual Only

Kanesha is our Bilingual Business Success Coach at SkinHealth Canada. She attended the University of Windsor graduating with French honours and a Business minor. At SkinHealth Canada she is responsible for making sure all clinics are supported with training, marketing and online ordering. Kanesha works directly with our team of educators to make sure employees are properly onboarded with our brands and have the confidence they need to succeed with our products.



Laura Gariepy
Skin Coach
Markets Available: British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan

Laura is an Advanced Laser Technician/Skin Health Therapist with over six years of experience in the industry.  After graduating from her program with honours, she gained experience while working at a health and wellness clinic and then teaching the Clinical Aesthetics and Laser Physics course at a well-known college. Laura is well recognized and respected in the skin care industry for her abundance of knowledge and hands-on experience. She was the primary provider at an advanced laser clinic for deep skin resurfacings, laser vein therapy and vaginal rejuvenation treatments. She is currently at the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery Western Canada, and specializes in skin resurfacing for all skin types, laser vein therapy, acne, melasma and continues to work on a variety of skin concerns.  She firmly believes that “the best results come from respecting and nourishing the skin and by doing so, a lifetime of healthy beautiful skin is possible for anyone.”

Melissa Munro, RN
Skin Coach
Markets Available: Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec

Melissa started her nursing career 5 years ago, with a special interest in wound care. This interest progressed to caring for the body and the skin from a health and wellness perspective. Her focus is now on “aging well’ – aging in a way that makes us feel, look and be confident. Health and beauty are where her passions lie. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences and a second in Nursing, both with honours from Western University. She has completed extensive Environ coursework as well as an Apprenticeship with CAAM president, Dr. Renier van Aardt for cosmetic injectables.