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Bend Beauty’s Layered Approach to Sun Protection

By August 5, 2021No Comments
Layered approach to sun protection

Did you know, Bend Beauty’s foundational product Renew & Protect reduces UV sunburning in the skin by 84% within the first 8 weeks of use? Bend Beauty’s clinical trials and research show an increase in Minimal Erythema Dose after 4 and 8 weeks in patients using the Renew & Protect formula. This protective benefit also increases with prolonged use.

Skincare from within or otherwise known as ingestible skincare is a fast-growing area of the cosmetic and skincare industry gaining a lot of attention and awareness.
Girl Bend Beauty soft gels

Why would we not want to treat the bodies largest organ (which has two sides) from the inside out in addition to topicals when there is new research and science to demonstrate its efficacy? I am sure you’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat” – that’s the idea! How we treat the skin on the inside can improve the appearance of the skin on the outside.


  • hydrates our deepest skin tissues,
  • improves firmness and elasticity,
  • reduces skin roughness and redness,
  • helps with skin inflammation,
  • protects our skin from the sun.
Bend Beauty Renew & Protect soft gels
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Bend Beauty Renew & Protect Liquid formula, 200ml Grapefruit Tangerine flavour
Liquid formula, 200ml
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Bend Beauty’s research and clinical trials

Bend Beauty offers a layered approach to sun protection in conjunction with topical SPF application. As a result of UV rays being the most damaging element to our skin, sun protection is one of the most important conversations you can have with your clients.

Be the expert and introduce Bend Beauty’s Renew & Protect formula to offer increased UV resistance to your clients this summer, from head to toe!

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