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The Ultimate Guide to Skin Health & Longevity

By September 23, 2021September 28th, 2021No Comments
Ultimate Guide

Welcome The Ultimate Guide to Skin Health & Longevity!

A first of its kind, this new educational series will reveal the groundbreaking science of beauty from within.

How Diet, Lifestyle, and the Environment Impact Your Skin. Part 1.

Learn about Skin Structure and Function
Describes your skin’s structure and its function as a protective chemical and physical barrier between you and the outside world as part of your body’s total antioxidant defense and detoxifying systems. It establishes the connection between your skin health and longevity and defines skin aging.

Learn about Factors Influencing Skin Health
Describes what factors influence your skin health including:

  • Your specific Skin Climate® that is partly governed by your unique genetic make-up;
  • Environmental factors including your diet and lifestyle;
    Your level of exposure to: Pollution/environmental toxins UV radiation from sunlight;
  • Includes explanations of how each of those factors directly impact your skin and overall health.

You will learn that healthy skin and longevity is a lot about maintaining proper balance!


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